Law Firm LINDEBERG is a classical law office providing legal services in all the main fields of law. Our clients are companies, individuals as well as public sector. Attorneys of the Law Firm LINDEBERG are specialized in various areas of activity to provide legal services of high quality to the clients.

Strong team

The team of Law Firm LINDEBERG has been established based on the purpose to provide high quality legal services to our clients. Often clients need legal assistance in various issues – business consultation and composing of contracts but also representation in division of joint property and disputes about the custody of children. Unlike many other law firms, LINDEBERG is providing full service – the client receives all the necessary advice and representation from one law firm without looking for a new office for each legal dispute.

Social responsibility

Law Firm LINDEBERG values corporate social responsibility. This means that our attorneys always do everything possible to protect the interests of a particular client, but we also contribute to society at large. For example, Law Firm LINDEBERG is providing pro bono legal services to several charity organisations, we also contribute to education and offer internship opportunities to students of the faculty of law.